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For a research project,we need to play a sound automatically when a PDF is loaded and displayed. Following instructions all over the web, I edited the JavaScript for the PDF in Acrobat 9 to the following:

//-----------------Do not edit the XML tags--------------------

/*********** belongs to: Document-Level:init ***********/
var bOpened;

function init()

    if(bOpened == "true")
        // document already been opened
        bOpened = "true";
        rm = this.getAnnotsRichMedia(this.pageNum)[0];
        if (!rm.activated)

        //The following alert works fine for the embedded mp3 and shows "[object AnnotRichMedia]"
        rm.callAS("multimedia_volume", 0.75);

// call init

I dragged an audio control on the PDF to make this work. The properties of the control are set to be:

  • Enable when: The page containing the content is opened
  • Disable when: The page containing the content is closed
  • Playback Style: Play content on page

The app.alert above works fine, and alerts about the embedded mp3 object, indicating that it's been embedded okay. I can also play the mp3 file using the controls on the screen, indicating that there's no problem with the codec etc. However, I hear no sound when the document is loaded.

Am I missing something here?

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Have you seen this page yet? – Shmiddty Sep 13 '12 at 15:29
@Shmiddty: Yes I did see that and that's how I got as far as I did. All examples I've seen like these do work (as does my code), when using the contextual menus provided by Acrobat, but not when using custom javascript. – Vineet Bansal Sep 13 '12 at 15:44

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