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I currently have 3 Models, UserModel (Devise), an ArticleModel and an CommentModel.

I work with mongoid.

class Comment
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :body, type: String
  field :created_at, type: Time, default: DateTime.now
  belongs_to :article
  belongs_to :user

class Article
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :title, type: String
  field :body, type: String
  field :created_at, type: DateTime, default: DateTime.now
  has_many :comments
  belongs_to :user

class User
  include Mongoid::Document
  has_many :articles
  has_many :comments

my article/show.html.haml

        = form_for([@article, @article.comments.build]) do |f|
            = f.text_area :body, :class => "span12", :rows => "3", :placeholder => "Your comment here..."
            = f.submit nil, :class => "btn"
    - @article.comments.each do |comment|
        .comment{:id => "#{comment.id}"}
                    = image_tag("260x180.gif", :class => "thumbnail")
                    = comment.body

my comments_controller

class CommentsController < ApplicationController
  def new
    @article = Article.find(params[:article_id])
    @comment = @article.comments.create(params[:comment])
    @comment.user = current_user
    redirect_to article_path(@article, notice: "Comment posted.")

now in my articles/show appears an comment with an id but completely empty and i just can't figure out where this object comes from...

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Your new action should be create, and it should use @comment = @article.comments.build(params[:comment]) instead of .create which will attempt to persist the object. – meagar Sep 13 '12 at 15:20

Your problem is with this line:

= form_for([@article, @article.comments.build]) do |f|

When you call @article.comments.build, you're buildling a new comment and adding it to @article.comments. Further down when you iterate over your comments, you're seeing the empty one you just created.

Instead of [@article, @article.comments.build], use [@article, Comment.new].

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Please don't add "thanks" comments. If you like an answer, upvote it. If it answered your question, accept it. – meagar Sep 13 '12 at 16:57

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