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I have a TimeChart and I'm trying to save the zoom rate whenever it is changed. Therefore I add a ZoomListener to my chart:

    public void showChart()
            mChartView = ChartFactory.getTimeChartView(this.context, this.mDataset,
 this.mRenderer, TrackedValue.DATE_FORMAT_USER);


            Log.d("showChart", "Set: "+prefs.getChartZoomRate());

            mChartView.addZoomListener(new ZoomListener() {

                public void zoomReset() {
                    // TODO Auto-generated method stub


                public void zoomApplied(ZoomEvent e) {              
                    Log.d("zoomApplied", "Save: "+String.valueOf(e.getZoomRate()+", isZoomIn: "+e.isZoomIn()));
            }, true, true);

When I see the chart and press the Zoom-In button, the output of my Log is:

zoomApplied Save: 1.5, isZoomIn: true

When I zoom out (via the zoom button), the log output is:

zoomApplied Save 1.5, isZoomIn: false

No matter how often I zoom in or out, I don't get why the e.getZoomRate() always returns 1.5, no matter what the actual zoom rate is... The e.isZoomIn() is working fine though.

Any ideas?

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I have just tried the AChartEngine demo program and called the line below and it displays me the correct 1.2 value:


Please make sure you are setting the correct value.

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