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is it possible to adapt this function so it also works with local file path's?

$meta contains the following: Array ( [wrapper_type] => plainfile [stream_type] => STDIO [mode] => rb [unread_bytes] => 0 [seekable] => 1 [uri] => C:\imgs\232434.jpg [timed_out] => [blocked] => 1 [eof] => )

$meta["wrapper_data"] doesn't exist.

function isImage($url)
     $params = array('http' => array(
                  'method' => 'HEAD'
     $ctx = stream_context_create($params);
     $fp = @fopen($url, 'rb', false, $ctx);
     if (!$fp) 
        return false;  // Problem with url

    $meta = stream_get_meta_data($fp);
    if ($meta === false)
        return false;  // Problem reading data from url

    $wrapper_data = $meta["wrapper_data"];
      foreach(array_keys($wrapper_data) as $hh){
          if (substr($wrapper_data[$hh], 0, 19) == "Content-Type: image") // strlen("Content-Type: image") == 19 
            return true;

    return false;
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It's best if you use getimagesize to detect if local/URL file is image or not.

On failure, FALSE is returned. This is probably what you are looking for.

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@minimihi: suggested to use "exif_imagetype" instead of "getimagesize". I can't review his edit but you can use exif_imagetype instead, it should be faster – confiq Sep 13 '12 at 21:26
actually i am looking for acurate detection. i don't care about speed really, cos it is always some hundred miliseconds in my server. – canolucas Nov 1 '12 at 23:12
You can then accept the answer! – confiq Nov 2 '12 at 7:42

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