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What does the Inherited bool property on attributes refers to?

Does it mean that if I define my class with an attribute AbcAtribute (that has Inherited = true), and if I inherit another class from that class, that the derived class will also have that same attribute applied to it?

To clarify this question with a code example, imagine the following:

[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Class, Inherited = true)]
public class Random: Attribute
{ /* attribute logic here */ }

class Mother 
{ }

class Child : Mother 
{ }

Does Child also have the Random attribute applied to it?

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When Inherited = true it means that the attribute you are creating can be inherited by sub-classes of the class decorated by the attribute.

So - if you create MyUberAttribute with [AttributeUsage (Inherited = true)]

[AttributeUsage (Inherited = True)]
MyUberAttribute : Attribute
   string _SpecialName;
   public string SpecialName
     get { return _SpecialName; }
     set { _SpecialName = value; }

Then use the Attribute by decorating a super-class...

[MyUberAttribute(SpecialName = "Bob")]
class MySuperClass 
  public void DoInterestingStuf () { ... }

If we create an sub-class of MySuperClass it will have this attribute...

class MySubClass : MySuperClass

Then instantiate an instance of MySubClass...

MySubClass MySubClassInstance = new MySubClass();

Then test to see if it has the attribute...

MySubClassInstance <--- now has the MyUberAttribute with "Bob" as the SpecialName value.

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Yes that is precisely what it means. Attribute

public class FooAttribute : System.Attribute
    private string name;

    public FooAttribute(string name)
        this.name = name;

    public override string ToString() { return this.name; }

public class BaseClass {}

public class SubClass : BaseClass {}

// outputs "hello"
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