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Can someone suggest a WPF library that we can use for animations? It should support animating transitions from one WPF form to another (like flip effects etc) and also been able to animate toolbox components (like labels etc).

This is not for a web application, so Silverlight libraries would not help that much. This is for a standalone Windows WPF forms application.

Thanks in advance

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There's some effects and transitions libraries on Codeplex.

And this one which lets you transition between different UserControls.

In fact, have a good scout around on Codeplex and CodeProject and you will find several other libraries that may help you out.

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Telerik controls got what you wan't, but I'll suggest you to give it a try to the native WPF Animations, it isn't that hard and it's included right out the box (for free). Obviously working with something like Blend will make your work pretty easier.

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