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I would like to check whether an arrayList contains a specific element within a JSF.

ArrayList is nonTradList containing couple of values. sProcessorView is the instance of Java class

JSF page is something like below -

<h:commandButton id="p"
                 disabled="#{securityView.readOnlyUser or sPView.readOnly}">
    <rich:toolTip style="white-space:nowrap" value="Ctrl-Shft-P" />
    <a4j:support event="onclick"
                 oncomplete="if ((!#{sProcessorView.autoFetchNext}) &amp;&amp; 
                                   #{sProcessorView.nonTradList.contains('100')} &amp;&amp;
                                   #{spProcessorView.nonTradList.contains('111')} ) openSimplePop() ; 
                             else openModal();" />

Is there any EL is already there or I have to write some custom tag?

Can we also call a Java method from this JSF to get the result?

Any help is really appreciated on this

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That code should work just fine, provided that you're using EL 2.2 or JBoss EL and that the ArrayList contains String items. What exactly is the concrete problem you're facing? You didn't describe that in any way in your question. An SSCCE would be very helpful if you have a hard time in English. –  BalusC Sep 13 '12 at 15:34

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You can create a method on your ManagedBean that returns a boolean

public boolean containsValue() {
   //Check if the value is in the list...

And on your page, you can do this:

var showModal = #{bean.containsValue()};
if(showModal) {
} else openSimplePop();

Doing this way, you can check if the list on your ManagedBean contains the value, if so the method will return true, which will be set on the JS variable.

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