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Hello I have uploaded wso2-esb 4.0.3 on a server, the problem is that for every Proxy service I create, the ESB generates an incorrect endpoint:

for example, for Echoproxy it gives me an endpoint http://**localhost**:8280/services/echo while it should be http://192.168.....:8280/services/echo

What is the problem? some configuration of the ESB/ please suggest!!

EDIT: I have changed the ServerURL and the HostName in the carbon.xml file, but still appear localhost in the url endpoint. I don't know what else should I change.. also change

 <parameter name="bind-address" locked="false">192....</parameter>

in axis2.xml

still not works

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<parameter name="WSDLEPRPrefix" locked="false">https://myhost:8243</parameter-->


<parameter name="WSDLEPRPrefix" locked="false">http://myhost:8280</parameter>
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