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I imported an XCode project inside another XCode project. I dragged and dropped project B inside project A like in How to Call Xcode Project In Another Xcode Project.......?

Next, i imported a class from project B in project A, so i could use a method but i gave me an error "ClassTemp.h' file not found".

From what i´ve read this should have worked. Do i have to do some kind of configuration for it to work?

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Try adding the location of your other project to the Header Search Paths in the Build Settings of the main project.

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This worked for me,

In build settings --> Header Search Path --> Add below entry

$(SRCROOT) and mark it as recursive.

If above not worked you can also try following way,

<path-of-other-project> and mark it as recursive.

Hope this helps to you ! (You may require to clean or restart the workspace)

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