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I want to be able to return a list of all "list values" coming from the query.. 'query' below returns multiple rows of results back from db, each as an item in a list. A sample result back from db would look like...

sample query results when I put break point: (this is what first line of code below 'query' returns from db)

  1. Name = John ; Address = 1230, Ewded ; listOfCities = "NY, CH, LA"
  2. Name = Eric; Address = 12 , Ewded ; listOfCities = "BO, SE, OR"


        List<Index.Result> query = getresultsbackfromdb();
       // query content at this point looks like above 1,2 

        List<string> result = new List<string>();            

        foreach (var item in query)


            //'results' list takes in string and not a list
            //How do I return a consolidated list of items


        return result; // this should have ""NY, CH, LA, BO, SE, OR"
        //I am trying to get a list of all cities from 1,2 included in
        //one single list.
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There is method in a List that allows you to add multiple items

foreach (var item in query)

Docs for List.AddRange Method.

Also, just in case if you need to filter out some repeated items, you can use a Distinct LINQ method.

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You can try this code based on Split Method

var result = yourString.Split(',');

var input = "NY, CH, LA";
var result = input.Split(',');

And you can save this value in List<object>

var list = new List<object>();
list.Add(result );
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You want the AddRange and string.Split methods

results.AddRange(string.Split(',', item.ListCities));

string.Split will split the string into an array wherever it finds the given character, and add range will add all items in an array to the list.

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Try this:

var result = query.SelectMany(x => x.listOfCities.Split(','));

Or use

var result = query.SelectMany(x => x.listOfCities.Split(',')).Distinct();

to get the list without duplicates.

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If you like Linq then you could do this one line:

using System.Linq;

List<string> result = query.SelectMany(s => s.listCities).ToList();

(This does essentially the same thing as oleksii's AddRange.)

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