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Let's say I want to create a date-object for 2012 Sep 1st, 10:11:15 h.

I figured out:

past = new Date(2012,08,01,10,11,15);// works!
past = new Date('2012,08,01,10,11,15');// doesn't work.

The problem is, I want to use it in combination with a method:

past = new Date(mypastformatfunc(mystring_to_format));

This gives me NaN. No valid Date-object created. I checked the return of the mypastformatfunc() and it seems I have the right format. Is there any escaping problem regarding quotes? How can I get this to work? It's really strange... Thanks.

EDIT SOLVED: Problem was it wasn't a one value but single parameters. They can't be passed by a function's return at once....

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Can you post the code for mypastformatfunc so we can see exactly what it returns? – Ian Sep 13 '12 at 15:58

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Use the date string as the parameter to the constructor.

past = new Date('2012,08,01,10,11,15'.replace(/(\d+),(\d+),(\d+),(\d+),(\d+),(\d+)/, '$1/$2/$3 $4:$5:$6'));

function mypastformatfunc(str) {
  return str.replace(/(\d+),(\d+),(\d+),(\d+),(\d+),(\d+)/, '$1/$2/$3 $4:$5:$6')
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