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Can I use the power tool console in the neo4j admin to create a compound index after the objects have been created? I currently add a node than add it's "name" property to an "Apps" index. Now I also want to create a "platform" and "storeId" compound index as well. BTW, should I add that to the same Apps index or create a new index.

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I'm pretty sure (>50% confidence) that you must create complex indexes via REST or through the API for embedded. (as opposed to using the admin console). Not posting as an answer because I'm not sure. – Eve Freeman Sep 13 '12 at 16:30
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Of course you can create new indexes and also add existing nodes through the console.

Most sensibly by executing a script fragment, see the console online manual and issue help index the console.

So either use something like this:

index -q Apps "name:*" -c cd -a $i && index -i Apps storeId

Otherwise use eval to evaluate a javascript fragment:

  while ( nodes.hasNext() ) {                                                           
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