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I have a class named "CollectionPager" which has a collection inside that of type List. I have a method "RetrieveList" which takes a "CollectionPager" as input and populates "List" in side that. This method doesn't return any value.

I need to mock a function which calls "RetrieveList". However, since it doesn't return any value, whatever input was fed into Mock is not taken into consideration and this collection(List) always has a count of 0.

Any possible ways to resolve this?

Cheers, Nikhil

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Can you post some code? How is your current test looks like? –  nemesv Sep 13 '12 at 16:31

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I guess you need the Callback (see also Moq quickstart) method to setup some logic when mocking a void function.

Here is sample test which demonstrates the usage:

var mock = new Mock<IRetrieveListService>();
mock.Setup(m => m.RetrieveList(It.IsAny<CollectionPager>()))
    .Callback<CollectionPager>(p =>
var sut = new OtherService(mock.Object);

Assuming your classes looks like something like these:

public class CollectionPager
    public CollectionPager()
        List = new List<string>();

    public List<string> List { get; private set; }

public interface IRetrieveListService
    void RetrieveList(CollectionPager pager);

public class RetrieveListService : IRetrieveListService
    public void RetrieveList(CollectionPager pager)

public class OtherService
    private readonly IRetrieveListService retrieveListService;

    public OtherService(IRetrieveListService retrieveListService)
        this.retrieveListService = retrieveListService;

    public void SomeMethodToTest()
        var collectionPager = new CollectionPager();
        // in your test collectionPager.Item contains: testItem1, testItem2
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Hi,Thanks for the response. Forgot to mention CollectionPager is a generic class. And I now get an error "Invalid callback. Setup on method with parameters (ICollectionPager1) cannot invoke callback with parameters (CollectionPager1)." The line in my test looks like this: mockrepo.Setup(x => x.GetService<Entity>().RetrieveList(It.IsAny<CollectionPager<Entity>>())).Callba‌​ck<CollectionPager<Entity>>(elemap => elemap.Collection.AddRange(entityCollection.Collection)); –  Nikhil Sep 13 '12 at 16:57
Awesome. Got it now. Just needed to change CollectionPager to ICollectionPager. Thanks a ton man. –  Nikhil Sep 13 '12 at 17:09

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