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I'm using dompdf 0.5.2 and having the problem that when there is an accent on a line, the first character from the next line is moved into it, like:

This is a first line with áccent. T
his is a second line.

Notice the T at the end of the first line, it belongs to the second. It happens both with a default and a custom loaded font. Also tried with UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encodings.

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Another solution that worked for me is using the wordwrap PHP function on your text/string .

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The solution that worked, taken from here, is adding the following line of code to the dompdf file include/text_frame_reflower.cls.php after line 246:

$split = mb_strlen(mb_substr($this->_frame->get_text(), 0, $split), 'UTF-8');
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