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I would like to generate a single (static) HTML file which would display in a browser a recursive directory listing that features collapsible subdirectories.

Currently, I am using tree in the following manner:

tree -H http://dl.dropbox.com/u/<user_id> > web/directory_listing.html

This produces a HTML recursive directory (and file) listing. For the purposes of clarity, I would like directory contents collapsed by default. When a directory is selected, the directories and files in the selected directory expand and appear in the same page.

Is there some way in which I could generate this type of HTML? Perhaps the output of tree could be modified. The reason I want a single HTML file listing is because I don't have a lot of server control (this is for hosting on Dropbox).

Thanks muchly for any assistance

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If you are stuck using something like tree, perhaps add some javascript to achieve your element show/hide effects. This can easily be achieved by concatenating a javascript file on the end of your tree HTML (tree -H) output.

tree -H http://dl.dropbox.com/u/<user_id> > web/directory_listing_part.html
cat web/directory_listing_part.html web/some_file_containing_your_javascript_code > web/directory_listing.html

You could even use the javascript to provide additional styling if you like.

Take a look at this page:


This gives a good example of the sort of formats you can achieve. Note the use of class names which should easily give you something to hook into with javascript/jquery

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