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After a stash pop only about 5 of my 50 files were changed. Along with the few changes I got back I got a weird extra file "Y4\004%C2%F8\037UU%BC".

I do have a local history in my IntelliJ, so I can probably recover most of it, but is there any way to do this from git?

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So I think for some reason git had trouble parsing its stash.

This was the way I got around it

git stash STASHNUMBER show -p > out.txt

Replace STASHNUMBER with the number of the stash or leave it out if its the top of the stash stack.


git apply out.txt

If you still have trouble you can try altering out.txt to save as many changes as you can, then try the apply again

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dont forget to file a bug if possible... –  centic Sep 14 '12 at 4:38

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