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I have created build.xml in build folder. I want to create .apk file using build script. I have used the required code from build.xml file stored under /android-sdks/tools/ant folder.

Now when I run debug target; I am getting "The system cannot find the file specified" error for target; since now it cannot find AndroidManifest.xml file under /build folder.

Can anybody tell me where can I specify path of AndroidManifest.xml for android specific ant targets?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm afraid you can't, at least (still) not yet.

gettype.java (see e.g. here) doesn't check the manifest.file property, but just an internal constant:

        File manifest = new File(antProject.getBaseDir(), SdkConstants.FN_ANDROID_MANIFEST_XML);

(See also this blog entry about using multiple variants of the same code base, he had the same problem with his manifest files, and needed to copy them around to overcome it.)

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