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I worked before with "Microsoft Commerce server 2007" and used it's Catalog API to get products data in my web site. But I have a requirement to make a windows service that uses the commerce product catalog data, but I don't know how to adjust the APP.Config of this service to get data.

Every time I try commerce code it returns Null "CommerceContext.Current"== null

any Idea or sample config?

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You need to create a CatalogContext object in Local or Agent mode. See How to Create a CatalogContext Object for details.

CommerceContext.Current is only non-null when running in the context of an ASP.NET web application.

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Thanks a lot for that, it's working with me , I understand now; I don't need the "CommerceContext.Current" in web service , I need only "CatalogContext" and for it I can get any product data I need. –  Tarek El-Mallah Sep 14 '12 at 15:01

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