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Should I have any concerns about using a IoC/DI Container, specifically ninject, in a windows mobile app using the compact framework 3.5?

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The group has an IoC for Mobile here

The main concern is about how much reflection you force the IoC to perform on your app. Reflection is expensive. If you use a little: no problem, if you use a lot, you could have startup issues.

Personally, I use a variation of Ayende's 15 line IoC in my code.

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Yes, reflection is the potential killer. I recently added a type cache to the OpenNETCF IoC framework, which significantly improves object load performance after the first of each type, which I noticed improved some things, but as with anything, you have to understand what your code is doing at a low level to know how to avoid problems. – ctacke Aug 7 '09 at 0:35

i am using DI with a CF 2.0 project and haven't seen any issues performance-wise. Or any other issues for that matter. But my DI approach is fairly straightforward in that i look for a particular interface in a DLL specified in a config file and then load it. i'm not sure what kind of overhead ninject would introduce on a compact platform.

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I have tested ninject and has been satisfied with that. I haven't used it in production yet.

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