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I'm new to MVC and am still adjusting to the drastic switch from WebForms. I was a bit happy when I found that the idea of ready-made components is not totally gone when I found, a nuget package that installs an HTML editor component such that it just takes the addition of a UIHint attribute to use it.

My question is where do I go to find more things like this which will help me get closer to the level of efficiency I got used to with WebForms/AjaxToolkit (not withstanding my obvious need to keep learning MVC best practices)?

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The nice thing about MVC is you don't need server controls, you now have the freedom to use anything HTML/CSS/JS

If you want something cohesive try:

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thanks - wow the autocomplete demo that hooks up to the netflix odata source is cool! – Aaron Anodide Sep 14 '12 at 17:48
I'm also working on an article about writing your own Helpers (aka controls) for MVC using Fluent API's. You can get the source code on GitHub now – Ed Charbeneau Sep 17 '12 at 14:52

There's tons of stuff in NuGet, just go searching at

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