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I'm trying a simple check. If a string name locale has "es" as value.

public String locale = 

// ...

Log.v(tag, "Idioma del sistema: «" + locale +"»");
if (locale != "es") {
        "We are sorry that this tool is only available in Spanish " +
        "language. See Author menu item for more information. [" + 
        locale + "]");
    locale = "en";

adb logcat shows "es" as content of string "locale" but code inside the condition is being executed.

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It seem that problem is not of android or of logic this is in JAVA. Try this and tell us what is happening

   //Your Code
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== and != operator compares the addresses –  nandeesh Sep 13 '12 at 18:49
Yes and that's why he always get false. –  jignesh Vadadoriya Sep 13 '12 at 18:52

Never use != or == in association with strings. Try the method equals like this:


This will return true if the strings locale and "es" contain the same character sequence. Because the equals( ) method compares the characters inside a String object. The == operator compares two object references to see whether they refer to the same instance.

See java == vs Equals() confusion for more information.

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