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I'm trying to embed a slideshow into a website that I'm building using rails. This requires me to make an unordered list of images inside a rails view. The point is that:

1) I want to have a directory, and have each image in the directory be included in the slideshow 2) I don't want the directory contents to be read in every request (this slideshow will be in the layout, and will be visible in all pages) 3) I want to be able to just drop a picture in the directory and the slideshow to pick it up

I was thinking of simply using Dir.glob as in this question, but that violates requirement 2.

Then I thought I could make a list of the files present at the time the site starts, and store it in the application controller. But that violates requirement 3. Or I could somehow update this list on the fly.

Is there an easy way to do this? Am I making my life difficult for nothing? I mean I could just hard code the images.

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Maybe you could use a page cache as a solution for requirement 2, but then in step 3 you have to also delete page cache manually, or you may use something like rb-inotify for automation.

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