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I have an XML like this:

<Piece PieceID="0001">
<Piece PieceID="0002">

This XML is passed via an XML type parameter into a stored procedure which parses it and stores the values in separate columns in a table - PieceID, OperatorID, MachineID, Status being the columns.

This stored procedure has to insert each piece if it doesn't exist or update if the piece is already present in table X. In the example above, once the operator fixes the error in the machine and reruns the job, the status might come in as OK for PieceID 0002. In that case, PieceID=0001 should be ignored.

I know how do to this if there is only piece to process (MERGE command in SQL Server 2008?); I'm not able to get my head around doing this for several hundred pieces efficiently.

Please suggest an efficient approach for this problem. Thank you.

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You can use MERGE to update batches of data, not just single rows:

MERGE [TargetTable]
USING [SourceTable]
ON [TargetTable].PieceId= [SourceTable].PieceId
WHEN MATCHED AND status <> [SourceTable].Status THEN
UPDATE SET status = [SourceTable].Status

And you can use an INSERT for the new data, e.g.

INSERT ..... WHERE PieceId NOT IN (SELECT PieceId FROM targetTable)
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