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I need a project hosting with:

  • mercurial support;
  • lightweight, but usable issue tracker (github`s one is pretty close);
  • both public and private repositories/trackers/wiki and so on support;
  • cool customizable dashboard;
  • API and hooks (optional, but nice to have).

I've found codebasehq which looks promising, but It doesn't allow to publish anything, but commit history.

Some points:

  • I'm fine with paying for good project hosting;
  • bitbucket is not an option (huge list of reasons is omitted);
  • usability and reliability is the most important things for me.

Thanks in advance.

UPD1: Primary reasons I want move from bitbucket:

  • totally unusable issue tracker: it makes me cry every time I use one;
  • lack of list of my assigned tickets for all projects, suggested solution seems early alpha (have accessibility problems and lack basic features);
  • not well-designed notification system (sends me notifications about mine comments and so on)
  • dashboard sucks;
  • slow and "wonfixish" reaction (IMHO) on feature requests and bug reports.


Assembla is more appropriate project hosing then fogbugz + klin according my criteria list, so I'm granting bounty to @lazybadger`s answer, but not accepting it, because Assembla works very bad with mercurial repositories and doesn't care about users.

Thanks for your suggestions, guys!

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Bitbucket supports all the things you are looking for so your reasons for not using it seem pretty relevant to the question. –  Mark Lavin Sep 13 '12 at 19:39
@MarkLavin Thanks, updated the question. –  Vladimir Protasov Sep 14 '12 at 18:12

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I suggest FogBugz + Kiln.

The issue tracker is just priceless. Wiki, AP, hooks, plugins, everything's there.

Our company switched project hosting + managing/issues tracking to FogBugz/Kiln last year, and we're totally satisfied.

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Thanks for nice suggestion, @bigyellowcactus. Looks promissing, but not really lightweight. I'll share my experience with FogCreek tools in couple days. –  Vladimir Protasov Sep 16 '12 at 19:25
It less usable for me than bitbucket. I tried to get used to it, but It still looks and feels complicated. –  Vladimir Protasov Sep 22 '12 at 20:06

Assembla - separate spaces or Assembla Portfolio

I have to mention:

  • Issue-tracker is good, maybe not so lightweight, but not heavyweight
  • Mercurial supported, but it's a "a poor cousin" since recently - no basic functionality lost, but default hg repo-broswer in iframe is just ugly, compared to Git or SVN custom repo-browser
  • Private and public spaces with custom tools exist
  • Dashboard as separate tool is deprecated (see Assembla Blog again: "Stopping Development/Support Maintaining Current Installations, No New Installations"), but Space Stream-tab is good candidate
  • REST API and Webhooks tool
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Thanks, @lazy-badger! Awesome! Not perfect, but better than other project hosting platforms I used. "Spring cleaning" is awful thing. Really sucking unmaintained mercurial support is HUGE downside. Negative feedback from users about the change is another huge downside. It could be almost perfect project hosting, but they don't care about the users, which is the worst downside for any project. –  Vladimir Protasov Sep 17 '12 at 19:29

I have to recommend Kiln & Fogbugz too. Superb tools and flexible pricing for teams of all sizes.

Here's a Youtube video link of Fogcreek co-founder Joel Spolsky talking about what these tools can do for you.


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