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I'm using a form (FormView) with databinding (ObjectDataSource) and all my input fields are bound by using '<%# Bind("field") %>'.

Everything works fine, but I have two problems (which I found various hints about like using this.Validate() or .EndEdit() - but none seem to work):

  • Entries are only saved after leaving the input field so it looses focus

Let's say I have a textbox with an ID of Name and enter "George". When I would tab to the next textbox or when I click somewhere else and click save - everything is saved. But when I keep the focus in the textbox the value is not saved. Why is this happening? What magic can I use to circumvent this (JavaScript to the rescue?).

  • I set a textbox's field value (element.value) via Javascript (upon selecting something in a combobox).

The same problem as above applies, only when I give the textbox focus and tab out the value is saved. This creates the problem that I only want the user to choose something in the combobox (the textbox is updated accordingly) and move on - I don't want the user to click into the textbox afterwards and tab out again.


The second problem I resolved now by setting the focus onto my textbox via Javascript (textbox.focus();) and right after set the focus back to the combobox (combobox.focus();) and that does the trick - this seems fairly hackish to me, doesn't it?

I'm assuming this is fairly common, but my mighty Google fu hasn't help me find a simple solution.

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Did you try forcing the focus on the button being clicked and then submit? –  Hanlet Escaño Sep 13 '12 at 19:36
No, but I could do that for the one field I'm filling with JS - the general save problem remains. –  Dennis G Sep 13 '12 at 19:48

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A similar issue can crop up in Winforms development when working with DataGridView controls. I typically attach some logic to the submit button's Click event to cause the DataGridView to validate. I suspect a similar solution would work for you here.

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Been there, done that. My save button has a this.Validate() and I added some Page.Validate() on the UserControls which contain the fields to be saved. –  Dennis G Sep 13 '12 at 19:48

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