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I have a site that does live streaming. I have some code that can play on the iPad successfully:

window.location = 'http://<?php echo DEVSTREAMWEB; ?>/<?php echo $session_id;?>/'+camerahash+'/playlist.m3u8';

Where DEVSTREAMWEB is a url: mysite.com:1935/web/_definst_ and session_id is well you guessed it, the session id. Camerahash is a built in hash number to for a specific camera that you can stream.

This opens up a new tab on the iPad and works great. However I wanted to change this to play in a div. And if someone wanted to go full screen they would just hit the full screen option to play the html5 video:

var theUrl = 'http://<?php echo DEVSTREAMWEB; ?>/<?php echo $session_id;?>'+camerahash+'/playlist.m3u8';
if($('#myfileplayer').length == 0) {
    var mydiv = $("#player");
    var myvideo = $("<video id='myfileplayer' src='"+theUrl+"' width='320' height='240' controls></video>");
} else {

var video = document.getElementById('myfileplayer');

I get an error: "NetworkError: 403 Forbidden - http://mysite.com:1935/web/_definst_/kgbh744hkbmguc95cbts8m02949e6212905e7e58998c03ba03a36d8e08cf1032ab/playlist.m3u8"

This is the right url. I'm wondering if my quotes are correct with theUrl? Any idea what might be wrong?

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Sigh. Forgot the slash.

var theUrl = 'http://<?php echo DEVSTREAMWEB; ?>/<?php echo $session_id;?>/'+camerahash+'/playlist.m3u8';
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