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I was just curious about this to see how this might work.

$number = "3/4";
echo $number;

and I get 3/4 as a string

$number = 3/4;
echo $number;

and I get 0.75 because it's doing the math

I am curious to see if there is a way to strip the "/" from the first one and have it divide number before the "/" by the number after the "/" so that it would come out as 0.75 instead of 3/4.

The reason I am building a form for a person who wants them to input the number in decimal form. However if a person inputs 3/4 I am going to kick an error that asks them to input it in decimal form and give them the decimal number.

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with user interface things like that, i would try detect the / with js and give intimidate feedback as well as do the php validation. – Dagon Sep 13 '12 at 20:25
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You can explode() the expression using the "/" as the delimited then just do the math on the numbers.

    $number = "3/4";
    $num = explode("/", $number);
    $a = $num[0];
    $b = $num[1];

    $result = ((float)$a) / ((float)$b);
    echo $result;

Hope this helps

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A simple function would look like something below, you can throw more error handling in there if you want also.

function makeDecimal($string)
   $parts = explode('/',$string);
   if(count($parts) != 2)
    //throw error here
   return intval($parts[0]) / intval($parts[1]);
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