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If you would have to standardize wikis for software development projects, how would you structure them?

Such a wiki template, I think could contain items such as...

  1. Welcome to the project
  2. Coding Guidelines
  3. Team directory ...

What other items in your experience would be critical to be included in a project wiki?

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Isn't the whole point of Wikis that they can evolve over time to fit the nature of the project. I wouldn't enforce too rigid a structure on them or you'll end up stifling their benefits.

If you do want a structure, I would say "coding guidelines" should be company wide, not specific to each project, so I would move that up a level. Also, how about areas for requirements, specifications, user manuals, common problems [and their solutions].

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Thanks, good points. –  AlejandroR Aug 6 '09 at 21:18
I agree, the idea is not to create a rigid structure but just some guidelines to save people from the white page effect. In my experience some people not always feel creative enough and would appreciate some structure. But indeed would not be a problem if wiki users decide to delete everything and create their own structure. –  AlejandroR Aug 6 '09 at 21:26
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