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I've recently started using Eclipse CDT.

After some searching, I've found a way to change its source view theme by importing a .epf file from the File menu. However when I launch another Eclipse instance and create a new project, that theme is lost (it goes back to the default white background).

How can I perform application wide theme configuration in Eclipse CDT? I want all my Eclipse instances to have the same appearance.

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In case anyone is wondering, here is one way:

  1. Download preference file (.epf file) from somewhere (e.g.,
  2. Import it from File -> Import -> General -> Preferences
  3. Optionally set additional preferences from Preferences -> C/C++ -> Editor -> Syntax Coloring
  4. Save new preferences to preference file from File -> Export -> General -> Preferences
  5. Import this preference file after creating new project

Not perfect but it works.

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