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  <Route type="source" >
       <Fieldsname ref="dest">truegoto</Fieldsname>


$doc    = new SimpleXMLElement('routingConfig.xml', null, true);
$foo = $doc->xpath('/Routes/Route[@type="source"]/Table/Tablename[incoming]/following-sibling::Fields/Fieldsname[@ref="dest"]');

Trying to get truegoto by way of knowing <Tablename>incoming</Tablename>. My current code just returns an empty array : /

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The problem isn't with the following-sibling part. By that point, you already have no nodes selected. This is because Tablename[incoming] means "Tablename elements that have a child element called incoming". You need Tablename[.="incoming"] instead, which tests the content of the element:

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Any manual or reference on that? Never seen that syntax before. Now that I think about it /Table[Tablename="incoming"]... Should work too –  Jared Sep 14 '12 at 1:23
@Jared . means "the current item". You can see an example in this MSDN article. And yes, your alternative should work fine too. –  lonesomeday Sep 14 '12 at 12:10

Though I'll accept @lonesomeday's answer, here is perhaps an easier to read alternative:

$foo = $doc->xpath('/Routes/Route[@type="source"]/Table[Tablename="incoming"]/Fields/Fieldsname[@ref="dest"]');
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