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Before WC-NG was implemented in svn 1.7 I could simply drag a subfolder out of its parent and treat it as a completely separate wc. I'm having trouble finding an easy way to do this post-1.7. I can't find anyone else who seems to care about it as much as me, either.

inb4 'just check out a new wc'.

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This happens because every versioned folder has an .svn hidden folder inside. This feature was removed in TortoiseSVN 1.7, which only the root directory of your working copy has the .svn folder. This makes your dragged-out subfolder being treated as unversioned by TortoiseSVN.

By the way, dragging the subfolder out of the parent folder could be considered as a bad practice, since you could be jeopardizing working copy integrity with this procedure.

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Export a subfolder to an outside location. It will make a copy of all versioned files. Then do a checkout from svn source to that folder. Torotoisesvn will version all existing files and add/remove new ones. And the last step. It may happen that someone make changes to a code inside that svn subtree in the period of time between original wc revision and new sub-wc revision. In such case tortoisvn will show as you have modified files back to original wc revision. You just need to revert all these changes.

It's the only way of doing such sub-wc I know of. For a large code base it saves a lot of network traffic and time.

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