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I am trying to implement face detection in OpenCv. But using Haar Cascades it becomes very slow and cannot be a real time. I heard about SURF.

Can anyone help me to implement fast face detection using SURF or other method?

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If you are looking for usage example of SURF, take a look at samples/c/find_obj.cpp. However, I doubt that it will work faster than Haar Cascade classifier. Cascade classifier uses quite simple features - just rectangular regions of an image, and SURF is much more complicated.

You can also try other algorithms starting from very simple but inefficient Eigenfaces and ending with complicated but full-featured Active Appearance Models (see list of implementations on Wiki's page). Though it will require a lot programming and is still unlikely to beat Cascade classifier results. So, I would suggest reconsidering other parts of the system. For example, I believe it is possible to detect faces in background thread and show it with little delay. Also if you want to use it for head/face tracking, you can run detector only for some region, close to the previous location of face.

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