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Hi im trying to make a custom procedure in MIPS for parsing a float (32-bit) from a string in ieee-754. Im following the steps frm Wikipedia. The problem is that i can't handle the fact that the integer part could be greater than 2^32, because im getting overflow in mulou instruction:

    lb $t1, 0($a0)
    add $a0, $a0, 1
    beq $t1, '.', fract_part
    mulou $s2, $s2, 10
    add $s2, $s2, $t1
    subi $s2, $s2, '0'
    j int_part

In the code above id like to store the integer-part of input in $s2, so i be able to normalize it and then convert it into binary (as says in wikipedia)

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