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I'm trying to get the updated object's list from my appengine web app, after i update an object.

if I look in the console, after the update operation i see the entity has the new values but when i ask for the list of objects it came to me with the old values as the update never took place

my update implementation is

 public void update( final T entity ){
        entityManager.merge( entity );

and my retrieve list implementation is

     @Transactional(readOnly = true)
     public List< T > findAll(){
        return entityManager.createQuery("select f from " + clazz.getName() + " as f").getResultList();

Is there a problem in the update , the merge method or does datastore use any special cache that doesn't get refresh after this operation. Please help. Thanks

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Have you read up on the eventual consistency documentation? – dragonx Sep 13 '12 at 23:34

As @dragonx noted in comment, this happens due to eventual consistency of HRD.

When an entity is updated, call to put(..) will return immediately when entity data is persisted, but before all associated indexes are built.

So, if you put() and then immediately get(), you will get consistent data, as get() does not rely on indexes to retrieve entity.

But, if you put() and then immediately query(), you might not get the updated data, as queries rely on indexes and index entries for inserted/updated entity are still being built.

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