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Is there any way to convert an existing "sandbox" dotcloud deployment to a "live" flavor? Or do I have to destroy and recreate it?

There are two reasons I want to do this: 1) preserve the old name of my app ... i.e. the subdomain on dotcloud.com 2) avoid minor hassle of moving my database data

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You yourself can't change it yet, but if you head over to our support page and file a ticket, we'd be happy to upgrade your application flavor.

Update: I'm told we only offer the conversion for Legacy apps so if you're a sandbox user then you'll have to push a new app or destroy the sandbox app before re-pushing it as Live. Please see http://docs.dotcloud.com/0.4/guides/flavors/ for more details on how flavors work.

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No. It's right there in the docs and of course I found it right after posting:

"You can’t change the flavor of an application once it has been pushed, so take the time to choose the right one!" http://docs.dotcloud.com/0.4/guides/flavors/

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