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I currently have a multiple select box in a rails form that looks like this:

= select_tag :in_all_tags, options_from_collection_for_select(Tag.where(:project_id => @project.id), :id, :name, @in_all_tags_param), { :id => "tags", :tabindex => "3", "data-placeholder" => "Choose Tags", :multiple => "multiple" }


@in_all_tags_param = params[:in_all_tags]

The problem is, @in_all_tags_param will only populate the select form with the last value from params[:in_all_tags]. So, if the url string reads in_all_tags=5&in_all_tags=8, the pre-selected value in the multiple select will only be 8.

From what I understand, the way around this is to append [] to the field name for multiple params, so that :in_all_tags becomes in_all_tags[]

BUT, when I try this, submitting the form returns:

Expected type :default in params[:in_all_tags], got Array

Any suggestions appreciated.


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You need to add a :name element to the same hash with :multiple => true in it. So I use something similar for Genres on an app for mine and I do { :multiple => true, :name => "lesson[genre_ids][]" }. The name has to be model[attribute][].

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