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I have several PDF templates like lease and rental agreements. Now a customer will select a template and a form will open for him to fill in required details-of course the form content will vary with template chosen.

Now I need to write the collected information to appropriate locations in the PDF template and create a new PDF document.

What is the best approach for this.

Thank you

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Might want to check out PDFSharp. It might have this functionality. – Chris Laplante Sep 13 '12 at 21:45

You can use Amyuni PDF Creator .Net for this.

  • You can create your PDF templates visually with a PDF editor that is provided with the package, or you can create them programmatically if needed.
  • You can show a PDF form (template) using a PDF Viewer control that is also provided.
  • You can save the content of the PDF form as a new PDF file, and you can flatten the editable fields first if needed by setting the Annotation attribute to false in all the objects of all pages.

Usual disclaimer applies

Other libraries that you could use:

  • PDFSharp (Open Source, it allows you to create PDF files, but it cannot display them)
  • iText (AGPL, it allows you to create and process PDF files, but it cannot display them)
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