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I have a Sessions object with the following fluent API configuration

HasMany(s => s.Enrollments);
HasRequired(s => s.Course).WithMany(c => c.Sessions).HasForeignKey(s => s.CourseId);
HasRequired(s => s.Teacher).WithMany(t => t.Sessions).HasForeignKey(s => s.TeacherId);
HasRequired(s => s.Term).WithMany(t => t.Sessions).HasForeignKey(s => s.TermId);

I am attempting to seed my data with the following (I query for each of the thisCourse, currentTerm, smith objects prior to my AddOrUpdate)

context.Sessions.AddOrUpdate(s => new { s.CourseId, s.TermId, s.TeacherId },
  new Session { Course = thisCourse, Term = currentTerm, Teacher = smith}

This is always resulting in an Add of:

<new id>   1   1   1

I can't figure out why my matching conditions are failing, and this is not properly updating, but always adding.

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