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I nee a little bit of help in parsing my XML. The XML is as follows:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <game title="Dementia">

    <game title="Risks">


As you can see in this config file there are two "Games". Each has their own title attribute. I have managed to select these attributes and add them to a drop down menu from which the user selects which game they want to play.

My problem is that currently when I parse the document, it parses through both games, rather than just the one that I want.

At the moment my code is:

$(xml).find("cat").each(function(idx, v) {
        categoryArrays[idx] = [];


            numberofCategories = numberofCategories+1;
            tmpCategory = $(this).text();

            var $cat = $('<div id=catPileBox>' +
                            '<div class="catPileBoxTitle font">' + tmpCategory + '</div>' +
                            '<div class="catPileBoxBody font"> </div>' +
                    .fadeIn('slow').appendTo('#catPile').attr('categoryName', tmpCategory).attr('categoryNum', idx).droppable({
                containment: '#content',
                stack: '#catPileBox',
                cursor: 'move',
                drop: handleDropEvent

        //ITEM PARSING
            $(v).find("item").each(function( i , vi) {
                categoryArrays[idx].push( $(vi).text() );

                numberofItems = numberofItems+1;
                tmpItem = $(this).text();

                //Add Item to Array

                       //UI CREATION and Atrribute setting
                        var $item = //$('<div id=itemPileBox div class=font >' + tmpItem + '</div>')

                $('<div id=itemPileBox>' +
                        '<div class="itemPileBoxPic"><img src="icon.jpg"></div>'+
                        '<div class="itemPileBoxTitle font">' + tmpItem + '</div>' +
                        '<div class="itemPileBoxBody font">Having a fit and going mental</div>' +

                                .fadeIn('slow').appendTo('#itemPile').attr('itemName', tmpItem).attr('categoryNum', categoryArrayNum).draggable({
                            containment: '#content',
                            stack: '#itemPileBox',
                            cursor: 'move',
                            revert: true

                        console.log("Item Created: " + tmpItem + " // Item's Category:" + categoryArrayNum) ;


        console.log('-- Category Array Num: ' + categoryArrayNum + ' contains: ' + categoryArrays[categoryArrayNum]);

      console.log("// ITEMS ASSIGNED TO CATEGORIES");


I understand that at the start I will need to add something to do with find the game attribute where title matches that selected in the combo box.

If someone could just tell me how I can select or selectively parse just the part of the document where "game title=Dementia" and ignore any other game(and their children) I can change all the variables to match those in the combobox myself..

Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance!

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where is xml coming from, has it been parsed to an xml document? –  Kevin B Sep 13 '12 at 21:59

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Try this code:

var xmlDoc = $.parseXML('<?xml version="1.0"?><config>     <game title="Dementia">             <cat>                 <catTitle>Mild</catTitle>                 <item>mild-1</item>                 <item>mild-2</item>                 <item>mild-3</item>             </cat>             <cat>                 <catTitle>Moderate</catTitle>                 <item>Moderate-1</item>                 <item>Moderate-2</item>                 <item>Moderate-3</item>             </cat>             <cat>                 <catTitle>Severe</catTitle>                 <item>Severe-1</item>                 <item>Severe-2</item>             </cat>     </game>      <game title="Risks">         <cat>             <catTitle>Low</catTitle>             <item>Low-1</item>             <item>Low-2</item>             <item>Low-3</item>         </cat>         <cat>             <catTitle>Medium</catTitle>             <item>Medium-1</item>             <item>Medium-2</item>             <item>Medium-3</item>         </cat>         <cat>             <catTitle>High</catTitle>             <item>High-1</item>             <item>High-2</item>         </cat>     </game>  </config>' )
console.log($(xmlDoc ).find("game[title=Dementia]"))​

Here is jsfiddle

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Assuming you have an XMLDoc, you could do this:

$(xml).find("game[title=Dementia] cat").each(...

to get all cat elements under game elements that have the title Dementia.

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