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Suppose I am writing a driver for a device. There is list of registers (A) need to be process in some routine (B) specially. After a while, some one may find that some register (C) value need to be changed for difference circumstances (e.g. for wireless card, the situation could be different channels). But if they decide to do this, they need also add this register (C) to the list (A) so that the routine (B) can also take care of register (C) specially.

So the problem is this type of registers maybe a lot or frequently be found during the early stage of developing. I am wondering if there is good way to maintain this.

I was thinking about to maintain it statically and raise a compiling error if some programmer forgot to sync up with the list when they do something on the register. But it looks like a bad choice (

To dynamically maintaining such list (A), it could be too heavy for a driver...Any tips?

Let me restrict the discussion to linux driver with gcc compiler.

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You could have the driver maintain the list and add or remove items with ioctl calls.

It'd be hacky.

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