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I have a ItemControl and i set ItemPanel Property to Horizontal StackPanel and I Bound it to ObservableCollection of Icons.Now I Wanna user be able to remove icons with drag drop them to out of ItemControl and also can change items positions with each other by drag and Drop. (Look likes MacOSX DocBar).Can i do this with above controls ,if yes,please tell me how.if not,i appreciate to tell me i should use which controls and how

Thanks In Advance.

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You should be able to with your own inherited version of the controls. Microsoft writes their controls in a way to allow for easy inheriting and overriding of behavior.

It should be similar to what's done here:

You want to watch events like DragStart, and DragLeave, and when it's not over your control and drop is performed do your operation.

More information:

Good luck.

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