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I need to set a query like below:

IF column A = 1 then set column B = 'Y' 
ELSE IF column A = 2 then set column C = 'Y' 
ELSE IF column A = 3 then set column D = 'Y'

and so on and so forth...

I am able to do this using multiple queries but was wondering, if I can do it in just 1 statement instead.

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Yes you can use CASE

UPDATE table 
SET columnB = CASE fieldA 
        WHEN columnA=1 THEN 'x' 
        WHEN columnA=2 THEN 'y' 
        ELSE 'z' 
WHERE columnC = 1
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this should work

update table_name
  set column_b = case
                  when column_a = 1 then 'Y'
                  else null
  set column_c = case
                  when column_a = 2 then 'Y'
                  else null
  set column_d = case
                  when column_a = 3 then 'Y'
                  else null

the question is why would you want to do that...you may want to rethink the data model. you can replace null with whatever you want.

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Thanks. This should marked as the correct answer. –  GaussZ Nov 9 '12 at 10:23
There are 2 extra "set" as I tried in SQL 2008. Thanks for the answer –  stoto Jun 11 '13 at 17:56

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