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I'm attempting to construct a LIKE operator in my query on DB2 that is checking if a varchar is just two digits. I've looked online and it seems like DB2 does not support a character range i.e. [0-9]. I've tried LIKE '[0-9][0-9]' and I didn't get an error from DB2, but no rows showed up in my result set from that query when I can see rows that exactly match this through looking at a SELECT * of the same table.

Is there anyway I can replicate this in DB2 if it is indeed true? Is my syntax for the LIKE wrong? Thanks in advance.

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The TRANSLATE function is more appropriate for validating an expression that contains a limited number of valid values.

WHERE TRANSLATE( yourExpressionOrColumn, '000000000', '123456789') = '00'

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Found it. No you cannot and there are no symbols that can represent an OR in LIKE.

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