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I'm using nvd3's piechart.js component to generate a piechart on my site. The provided .js file includes several var's, as follows:

var margin = {top: 30, right: 20, bottom: 20, left: 20}
    , width = null
    , height = null
    , showLegend = true
    , color = nv.utils.defaultColor()
    , tooltips = true
    , tooltip = function(key, y, e, graph) {
        return '<h3>' + key + '</h3>' +
               '<p>' +  y + '</p>'
    , noData = "No Data Available."
    , dispatch = d3.dispatch('tooltipShow', 'tooltipHide')

In my in-line js, I've been able to override some of those variables, like this (overriding showLegend and margin):

var chart = nv.models.pieChart()
    .x(function(d) { return d.label })
    .y(function(d) { return d.value })
    .margin({top: 10, right: 0, bottom: 0, left: 0})

I've tried overwriting the tooltip in the same way:

.tooltip(function(key, y, e, graph) { return 'Some String' })

but when I do that, my piechart does not display at all. Why can't I overwrite the tooltip here? Is there another way I can do so? I'd really rather not have to edit piechart.js itself at all; I need to keep that file generic for use in multiple widgets.

And while we're at it, is there some way I can make the entire tooltip into a clickable link?

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I'm not nvd3 expert, just started playing with it. I had the same problem as you, what you're looking for is : .tooltipContent(function(key, y, e, graph) { return 'Some String' }) And while we're at it, is there some way I can make the entire tooltip into a clickable link? You can return any HTML for the tooltip, but as it appear/disappears on hover, you'll have a hard time clicking on it. –  rotoglup Sep 14 '12 at 8:42

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To add to previous answers, sometimes you want to use the data of the series and not only of x and y. For instance when

data = {'values': [{'month': 1, 'count': 2}, ...], 'key': 'test' }

For those situations, use

.tooltip(function(key, x, y, e, graph) {
         var d = e.series.values[e.pointIndex];
         return '<h3>' + e.series.key + '</h3><p>' + d.month.toString() + ...;

e.series is the particular series the mouse is hovering, e.pointIndex is the index on the values of the series. Here e.series.key == key, but I used to empathise what is e.series.

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Customized tooltip can not exist with "useInteractiveGuideline".

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I think you're missing the 'x' parameter in your tooltip function. The format of the function call is:

function(key, x, y, e, graph)
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this is incorrect - there's no x parameter in pie charts; the problem is that it should be .tooltipContent as in user1847371's answer –  CupawnTae Mar 26 at 13:53
my_chart = nv.models.multiBarChart()
  .tooltip(function(key, x, y, e, graph) {
    return '<h3>' + key + '</h3>' +
           '<p>' +  y + ' on ' + x + '</p>';
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Just voted this from -1 to 0. Why was it downvoted? This was helpful. –  nickcoxdotme Mar 14 at 15:58
it wasn't me, but I'd guess it's because the answer is incorrect - the question was about piecharts, and tooltip doesn't work for pie, it has to be tooltipContent and there shouldn't be an x parameter –  CupawnTae Mar 26 at 13:52
While the question may have been directed at pie charts I was thankful this was added in. My search was more general. –  Barrett Clark Dec 5 at 12:15

Just override in this way it will work definitely

function tooltipContent(key, y, e, graph) {
            return '<h3>' + key + '</h3>' +'<p>' + y + '</p>' ;


tooltipContent(function(key, y, e, graph) { return 'Some String' })
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+1 for the alternative solution. I have been using .tooltip(..) for a lot of NVD3 charts, and just had to use .tooltipContent(..) for the lineChart.js –  shabeer90 Aug 2 '13 at 11:23
This one worked for me too. –  ramiro Mar 26 at 19:39
can you please tell me, how I can modify this method for NVD3's linechart coz tooltipcontent is not working in that case? –  Mitaksh Gupta Jun 30 at 14:07

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