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I'm trying to do some quite complicated configuration with uwsgi. I'm trying to make things easier on myself in the long run and naturally, in doing so, I'm making things as hard as could possibly be right now.

Anyway, I'm looking for the complete list of magic variables. The ones I've been able to find on the Emperor page are not what I'm after. The page (and others) suggests there's a larger dictionary of magic out there. Somewhere.

%v = the vassals dir
%o = the original config filename as specified in the command line
%p = the absolute path of the config filename
%s = the filename of the config file
%d = the absolute path of the directory containing the config file
%e = the extension of the config file
%n = the filename without extension
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The uwsgi docs seem to have been updated since the time this question was asked. Here is a link to a longer list of magic variables:


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the only missing variable is %c that reports he name of the directory containing the config file:

/foo/bar/test/one.ini will return 'test'

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And that's exactly the one I needed! Thanks. –  Oli Sep 15 '12 at 0:05

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