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I am trying to use an ArrayList, and bind it to a BindingList...

If I try to put it in (I have Option Strict On), I get a suggestion for casting that I implemented -

Yet I keep getting a runtime error no matter what I try.

Unable to cast object of type 'ArrayList' to type 'IList`

The code:

Dim myBoundList As System.ComponentModel.BindingList(Of something) =
    New System.ComponentModel.BindingList(Of something)
      (CType(myArrayList, System.Collections.Generic.IList(Of something)))

I have tried to insert .ToArray...

The accepted answer at the link http://stackoverflow.com/a/8770832/1217150 does exactly the same thing (even though the intent is the opposite), and I have tried it... (I mean, creating an IList item, and assigning

IList iList = new ArrayList();

It gives me the same error...

I am using VB.NET, but c# would help too. Please help. Thank you.

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You should check out using the generic List class (a .NET type) rather than using the non-generic ArrayList. I suspect this might be related to your problem. It's probably trying to cast the non-generic ArrayList to an IList<T> (the generic version of IList).

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I found the answer with the help of another Stack overflow question: stackoverflow.com/a/3556004/1217150 Dim StronglyTypedList = OriginalArrayList.Cast(Of MyType().ToList() Thank you for suggesting the right path. –  Thalia Sep 14 '12 at 5:38

If you are trying to add the array list as items to the listbox, you can use the following code:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Create a new array list.
    ArrayList list = new ArrayList();

    // Add items to the array list

    //Set the data source of the listbox as the array list
    listBox1.DataSource = list;
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