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After installing nGinX on Ubuntu 12.04, installing PHP and setting up my vhosts to run PHP I created a file called test.php, but only the php info is displaying not the echoed text.

This is the content of my test file

   <?php phpinfo(); ?>

   echo 'hello php test';

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I hadn't noticed that I switched to short tags while writing this script. After changing my short tags <? to long tags <?php the php echoed the string correctly.

I am migrating a bunch of php files to the new server with short tags, so I needed to enable short tags in my php.ini file.

To do that I updated the following line within the php.ini file

short_open_tag = On

Next I had to restart nginx

sudo service nginx restart

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I think you don't need to restart nginx, you just need to reload the php settings. service php5-fpm reload, ps: use reload instead of restart, It wont terminate all connections and restart. –  Mohammad AbuShady May 17 '13 at 3:01

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