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"The project cannot be built until its prerequisite upomp_Res is built. Cleaning and building all projects is recommended"

When I build an android project as usual, an error occurred as above. Follow that infomation ,i cleaned my 'upomp_Res ' project and then cleaned my main project for several times and the error still remains,and I reopend the project ,and even reopend my eclipse,it dosen't help,the error remains.

How to solve this? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Even you cleared your 'Upomp_Res' Project , Eclipse will keep Launch configuration for that project. You need to Navigate Run->Run Configuration . Under Android Application right click on 'Upomp_Res' and click remove

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It didn't work but when I switch my workspace and do it again,it worked,I do't know why...but thank you... – topxebec Oct 9 '12 at 9:50

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