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Now I have to build a composite component to implement a specific function. Our layout page is like the following:


<p:layout >
    <p:layoutUnit position="center" style="border:0px;">
        <ui:insert name="content"></ui:insert>
<ui:insert name="dialogContent"></ui:insert>


<ui:composition xmlns="" xmlns:ui="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:p="" 
xmlns:hs="" xmlns:f="" template="/layout/layout.xhtml"> 
    <ui:define name="content">
            <h:form id="bodyForm" style="margin:0px">
                <p:layoutUnit position="west">

dlg.xhtml(composite component)

<ui:composition xmlns="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:f="" xmlns:composite="" xmlns:p="" xmlns:ui="">
                <p:inputText id="inputId" onclick=";" />
            <ui:define name="dialogContent">
                <h:form id="dlgForm" prependId="">
                    <p:dialog widgetVar="dlgVar">

I hope when I click the input, dialog will be open. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I've tried adding appendToBody="true" on the dialog and removing <ui:define name="dialogContent">, dialog can be open, but there's no independent dlgForm in the page, which will cause some problems when I submit form data.

So how can I render dialog in the right place in layout.xhtml?

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