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Collection such as:


now,I want get this result:


This means I just want to get one "sec" document for each sec.Can anyone know how to query it?

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You want a group for this I think.

In the mongo shell, this works:

 db.test.group({reduce: function(doc, out) {if (!out[doc.sec]) {out[doc.sec] = doc} }, initial:{}})


        "1" : {
            "_id" : ObjectId("5052bd3d89e42529f53462d3"),
            "fir" : 1,
            "sec" : 1,
            "trd" : "xxx"
        "2" : {
            "_id" : ObjectId("5052bd3d89e42529f53462d4"),
            "fir" : 1,
            "sec" : 2,
            "trd" : "few"
        "3" : {
            "_id" : ObjectId("5052bd3d89e42529f53462d5"),
            "fir" : 1,
            "sec" : 3,
            "trd" : "ver"

In pymongo, wrap the js function in a string and a bson.Code:

        "function(doc, out) {if (!out[doc.sec]) {out[doc.sec] = doc} }"

Bing bang boom. Keyed by "sec" but you can change that.

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